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This space of the internet is new to me, so of course I will be testing out writing structures - determining what I like best. I was thinking the other day that I should at least attempt to write out my book talks and what better way to plan for them then to create a blog post?! In the past I have always winged my book talks and since I was always so excited about books it went fine. I know that I might be missing some important points or could make the book talks much better if I planned them.

We should start with a few rules that I try to follow when doing book talks.
  • I always remind my self that book talks are meant to excite the readers. You are basically this book's salesperson! 
  • Always use an engaging hook that you know will make your students' ears perk up. For example, with The Wild Robot, I plan to compare it to The One and Only Ivan because so many of my students LOVED Ivan. 
  • Props are NEVER bad. 
  • I like to use drawings for who gets to read the book first. You could use your popsicle name sticks or some other fun ritual. 
  • Just like a fun beginning, you need an engaging closing as well. Don't just say, "You should read this book!" or "I really loved it!"

Ok, here we go!

The Wild Robot by Peter Brown

It's common for me to want to meet many characters in real life - Ivan, Melody, Auggie - I could go on and on .... but what's not common is when the character is a ROBOT. Yes, I said robot.

Roz, short for Rozzum Unit 7134 was on a ship that sunk and the box that she was packaged in was washed up on an island. Roz was meant to be a robot that can do just about anything, what she isn't supposed to have is feelings.

So, what happens when a robot wakes up for the first time on a remote, wild island? Let's find out.

Roz quickly meets many of the islands residents and they quickly label her as a monster - she's different! She's scary! Roz is determined to show the natives of this island that she is not a monster and she is not scary. It does not take long for the animals to realize that Rox is harmless and she is actually a very good person, errrr, robot.

Roz takes animals that are hurt and nurses them back to health, she helps animals rebuild their homes and even welcomes animals into her home during a rough winter.

Life on the island is good, but then Roz's past comes back to haunt her. Does Roz belong on this island or should she go to where she was intended to be? Is the island Roz's home now? Can your home change during a lifetime or is your home always one place? Peter Brown explores these concepts in the hilarious and touching book, The Wild Robot. 

I loved Roz like I loved Ivan from The One and Only Ivan and as soon as I finished this book, I wanted to go back and reread it because, I was not ready to say goodbye to Roz!

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