The Seventh Wish by Kate Messner

Kate Messner's newest novel, The Seventh Wish was on my TBR list as soon as I knew about it, and then the drama happened with her being uninvited to a school because of TSW's content. I knew I needed to pick it up soon. Obviously it had important content.

Important, indeed.

The main character, Charlie is a young girl (5th grade, I believe?) and her older sister Abby has left for her first year of college. Charlie and her sister have a very close relationship and Charlie misses her while she's away. When Abby comes home for a break, something is wrong. Charlie knows there is something wrong and she does her best to help her sister. All while trying to take care of her own life too. The family discovers that Abby has a tragic secret and this book is about how the family handles a tragic turn in Abby's life.

At the same time, Charlie has discovered a fish that grants wishes while she is ice fishing with her friends. Charlie makes wishes to try and fix the problems in her friend's and family's lives as well as her own. The results are not quite what she was expecting.

I love how Kate Messner twisted realistic fiction and fantasy into one book and I loved Charlie's character. She was such a mature, level headed character and by the end of the book I felt sad that the book was over because I wanted to continue following Charlie's life!

Definitely pick this up. A tough situation is tackled that gives just enough information to be perfect for middle grade readers!

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